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My News, Craziness and Random Thoughts

News, Craziness, and Random Thoughts

august 02, 2011 08:29am

I Slept With Brenna Lee Roth!!

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Well, it's not what you think but I do have your attention now, right?

Brenna Lee Roth plays my wife in Ray Basham's new Indie feature "Hillbilly Bob Zombie". The irreverent comedy zombie film lampoons hillbilly life and is currently filming in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

This is my first film with Brenna. She has a great filmography and was a member of the Emmy-winning ensemble cast of CSI. She has worked on both independently-produced films (like this one) and "big-budget" features.

Ray Basham is an award-winning illustrator and cartoonist. "Hillbilly Bob Zombie" is his second film. He has also written and directed a short called "Killer" which was featured on the Chiller cable channel. Ray and I have both worked as actors in "Wicked Business", "Abe's Tomb", "Icabod", "Mountain Mafia", and "I Am Legend". I shared a table with Ray at the Dark X-mas Horror Convention in 2006, where I met Brenna. And while Ray and I have worked together in five other projects, this is our first project where Ray has written, produced, directed, filmed, and has also provided the set-building, special effects and makeup services, too.

Mount Vernon band, Elixer, performed for the movie and wrote the title song for it.

Now, let me justify my claim to have slept with Brenna: The first night of filming, we filmed into the wee hours of the morning and Ray invited Brenna and I to sleep in his house. He had one of those "L"-shaped sofas and we fell asleep. Still, it is fun to be able to say, "I slept with Brenna Lee Roth!"

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august 02, 2011 08:29am

"The Box"

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Photo of "Santa Sal"Hi All,

During the 2007 Christmas season, I was picked to be Santa in The Box -- a feature film written and directed by Richard Kelly and starring James Marsden, Cameron Diaz, and Frank LangellaThe Box is based on the original story, Button, Button written by Richard Matheson and shown as an episode of the Twilight Zone in 1986.

In Kelly's version, a young suburban couple (Marsden and Diaz) receive a gift in the form of a plain wooden box.  When they open the box, they instantly become wealthy.  Langella is the mysterious stranger who later tells them that opening the box also causes, someone else in the world -- someone they don't know -- will die. 

This project was my best experiance as an actor!  First of all, I have always wanted to appear as Santa in a feature film and I also have been working dilligently to pursue opportunities to appear in major motion pictures.  As some of you know, I was a background actor in Photo of me and Paul MariniFever Pitch (statting Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon) and in I Am Legend (starring Will Smith) but apparently edited out of both.  In this film, I appear in scenes with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden and am in a great action scene, so I'm sure to be included (I'll be the guy in the red suit).  Well, one of the two guys in athe red suit, at least -- I had a stunt double!  That's too cool, too.  To actually be in a project where I had a stunt double was exciting!  Paul Marini is a stunt driver who put on a wigset and padding so that he could "double" for me in the scenes where I could have been hurt.   Paul was a "hoot" to work with!

As I said, this was my greatest experiance as an actor, to date.  And I want to sincerely thank Richard Kelly and everyone else involved in casting me for the role of Santa in this project.  Maybe it was because it was the Christmas season and I was "Santa" on the set, but I was treated with such warmth and respect from everyone in the cast and crew.  I will never forget the look on the faces of other actors who came up to me and stated, "When you walked into the room, I thought, 'That guy looks like Santa.' only to find out that you are Santa!"  The director respected my "Santa" commitments and, on a day were the shoot had to be re-scheduled, arranged to shoot my scene first so that I could make my previously-scheduled nursing home and day-care appearences. And, perhaps, the greatest part of being in this project is that being a "featured" background actor got me the necessary waivers for me to join The Screen Actors' Guild!

 Now if I can only get this listed on my IMDB film list.



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