My Upcoming Events

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10/28/17 thru 10/29/17
Project/Event:  Night Risers
Location: Elizabethtown, KY
Purpose: Convention/Film Festival
Status: Committed

Other Events/Projects

2 events listed

Not Scheduled
Project/Event:  "Longwood"
Location: A small town, NH
Purpose: Film Shoot
Status: Committed
Not Scheduled
Project/Event:  "The Vampire Santa"
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Purpose: Film Shoot
Status: Committed
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Sal Lizard
Actor, Author, Comic, Film Producer, Internet Radio Host, Professional Santa

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I will be at
hall of Villains Super villain Haunted House
in elkhart, IN
October 13 - 21!

My Thoughts
My Thoughts
Don't ask for apologies if you want honesty
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