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Posted by Sal_Lizard   •   Tuesday, 2014-June-03

As some of you are aware, I have been putting together websites since 1990, when there was hardly any images and most Internet traffic was text content. Along the way, I have put together some really great web sites and have generally evolved with the newest technologies along the way. But then, I got out of the business when everyone started creating their own websites and hosting became far less profitable for me.

But I did continue to create my own websites -- after all, why pay someone to do something that I could do myself? But then I lost my edge. I became interested in other things along the way: acting, comedy, writing, producing, and even forming other businesses, more appropriate for my current situation. All of these things took me down other paths and I had less interest in web development so I began to use website applications instead of doing my own coding and now, I've had to "pay the piper" for my laziness. Last week, my webhosting company shut me down because of "exploits" in my third-party applications.

So now I am re-designing certain sites -- including this one -- to exclude those applications. At least, to aelect those that are more secure in their structure or easy enough to modify to make them less "exploitable".

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